March 09, 2014

March 9

So I received an NHL "2014 Day-at-a-Time" calendar for Christmas; this is actually kind of a misnomer, because the calendar puts two days - Saturday and Sunday - on one page. Anyway, it has an interesting bit of trivia on every page and so far this year the Flames have been featured a few times. For example, I was reminded that on February 10, 1993 the Flames scored 3 goals in the first 53 seconds of the third period (in a 13-1 smoking of the terrible San Jose Sharks). And, on the page for February 20, the McMahon Stadium Heritage Classic game was featured. But today's trivia question reads: "What made Theo Fleury's hat trick for the Calgary Flames unprecented on March 9, 1991?" While I have no idea what "unprecented" means, it turns out that this hat trick was actually unprecedented, in that "all three goals were shorthanded."

side note: I friggin' hate daylight saving time
Here is a link to a box score from that game, which the Flames won over St. Louis by a score of 8-4. In addition to the shorty-hatty, Theo picked up an assist and 10 penalty minutes for a pretty busy night. By the way, Fleury also had himself quite a night in the aforementioned February 10, 1993 game...he had one goal and five assists, and was plus nine...good for the second-highest +/- of all-time for a single game.

Here is Fleury's card from the 1991-92 Pro Set series, which came out the season after Fleury's shorthanded hat trick.  I actually like this set, especially when compared to Pro Set's cards in the previous season.

The back of the card reminds us that in 1990-91 he lead the Flames in goals (51), points (104), game-winning goals (9), shorthanded goals (7) and plus minus (+48, which also tied for the league-lead). He led the NHL in hat tricks that year too, with five.  Amazing to think that one of those hat tricks accounted for almost half of his shorthanded goals that year!

January 13, 2014

Calgary Stamps

...and no, I'm not talking about the Canadian Football League team.  This article is about actual postage stamps honouring the Calgary Flames franchise.  This book of stamps was issued in the fall of 2013 I think, but I just recently got my hands on a booklet.  According to Canada Post's website, these stamps have two "special features," namely: (1) Stamp features the famous Calgary Flames logo. And, (2): You can show your team pride with every letter you send.

So, here is what the front of the pack looks like:

And inside, of course, is a set of 10 stamps worth 63 cents each in postage, which for a little while longer will be the rate to mail a letter in Canada.  Here is what Canada Post has to say about the stamp's design:
  • In the foreground, the Calgary Flames player wears the team’s current home jersey.
  • In the background, a cheering young fan sports the Flames’ original 1980 jersey.
  • Both versions proudly bear the classic flaming “C” that has remained the distinctive symbol of the Calgary’s team.
Those bullet points are a direct cut & paste copy from the website; if the term "the Calgary's team" looks a little awkward to you too, you are not alone.  Here is what the stamps look like:

The generic player in the stamp (who, at first glance, I thought looked a little bit like Jaromir Jagr) has no number on his sleeve, but the stamp value in the lower right corner got me wondering if any player has worn sweater number 63 for the Flames.  According to, there has been one: Warren Peters, who suited up for 16 regular-season games and 4 playoff games in 2008-09.

Finally, if you're wondering why I marked-up the picture of the stamps, I invite you to read Canada Post's Policy on reproducing postage stamps here.  Hey, I don't want to wind up in jail for the sake of ths blog!

September 09, 2013

Thanks, Kipper.

With the official announcement earlier today, it's not coming as any kind of shock to Flames fans that Miikka Kiprusoff has decided to retire. Many fans (including me) think that Kipper was the best goalie in Flames history, and for a while - before and after the 2004 lockout - he was probably the best goalie in the world.

Thank you, Miikka! I hope you enjoy your retirement from hockey, and please leave some fish in the water for the rest of us ;-)

*     *     *     *     *

On another note, I'm considering taking a bit of a break from posting Flamestuff articles...with the infrequent articles for the last number of months, I suppose that isn't coming as any kind of shock either!  My enthusiasm as a hockey fan is shifting slightly with the arrival of Jarome Iginla in Boston - if you've read most of my articles, you know that the Bruins have always been my second favourite team - and there are going to be a few lean years in Calgary as they have finally started their rebuild (which, in my opinion, is off to a good start).  And, since I live on the east coast, if I take a break from following the Flames religiously I might get caught up on my beauty sleep!